Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Firstly, I'd like to welcome two of my very good friends and companions. Demonmonky is quite the talented warrior who I have known for ages. While I was still learning the art of war, he was already mastering it and was quite willing to aid me in my journey. He has quite an active personality, and his habitual jumping makes me think he is either part rabbit, or has a fear of the ground, which is quite an oddity for a dwarf. Nemain is a druid of recent aquaintance, and anyone who is willing to spend so much time and energy keeping me and my friends from dying has to be a good guy. And he is. Even if he is one of those nature loving freaks. Worshipping trees and animals? Night elves are quite odd.

Anyway, when I arose this morning in Light's Hope Chapel, I was startled to learn that all our efforts to destroy the undead ziggurats around Azeroth seemed to be for naught, for they had reformed, or had been replaced, at the original postions. The powers of Kel'Thuzad are quite impressive, indeed. As I and my guildmates -- notably the mages Scottee, Windstrom, and Brees -- renewed our efforts to destroy the crystals and stem the tide of the undead invasion, we met, mostly with overwhelming success. I and the mages were not the only heroes working toward the destruction of the crystals, but their ability to blast large numbers of enemies was surely the key to our victories.

Me in Tanaris

Oh crap

Genesis: Zombie Killers

But alas, our successes were short lived as the ziggurats were again replaced within just a few hours of their destruction. The most common question on our lips, and those of other adventurers, these days, is already, "How long will this last?" It is my opinion that until the power behind the invasion, Kel'Thuzad, is slain, the Scourge will continue to wreak havoc upon the lands and citizens of Azeroth. Others believe that what has begun will never end, and we will live with this perpetual threat over our heads. And then others take a third position and believe that the invasion will be a yearly event. This idea does intrigue me though it is the hardest to accept, as the invasion, led by a creature of arcane and icy magics, is occuring at the same time as the Fire Festival is celebrated by the citizens of all Azeroth. What possible connection could there be between fire and ice?

Returning to Stormwind, I was settling into a relaxing lunch when the alarm rang out that undead had been sighted in various locations around the city. Quickly rearming, I hurried to the Park and found a large abomination and several skeletons in battle with the few city guards in the area.

Undead in Stormwind

Joining the fray, our combined efforts quickly brought the monstrosity down. When it died, a broken crystal similar to the ones by the necropolises around the world was found inside it. The Argent Dawn representative that I talked to later believed that the undead were attempting to establish similar summoning circles inside the city. However, before I was able to report the presence of the crystal, I headed to the city keep where the guards were fending off a rush of several skeletons.

Undead in the Keep

I have no doubts that we are in for a long, wearing and costly fight against the Scourge. However, we cannot set aside all our other duties in the protection of the Alliance. And so, now I must leave Stormwind again to head off with my guild to see to the death of Onyxia.

There was no beer...

So I wake up as usual, 'round when the sun'd started its fall inta the western sky. Well, after a good night o' drinkin' at the Iron Forge pubs its not really "waking up" so much as it is "coming to." Y'anyway, I "come to" and some uppety feller from up north is nudging me to get out o' the way. Rubbing the crusties (that ever so rudely decided to set up shop in my eyes last night) out of my eyes I stand up to see what all the comotion is about. Turns out this upstanding gent and a few of his buddies hate undead...or something like that. And apparently it was my duty to help them out. Duty...right. I congratulated him on a well chosen (although sober) career and was about to go about my "buisness" when I rememberd the lads from the Wildhammer clan.

"They be from up north too...hmmm...they have good beer...hmmm...errrr..."

Well after a very painfull brainstorm I figured I'd help out this "Argent Dawn" fella and possibly grab some good brew on my way up there. Anything for a good pint, I always say.

Turns out I'm not as good of chums with those Wildhammer boys as I rememberd. Something about a keg of Hammerbrew gone missin' or something like that. Man oh man those lad can throw a hammer. Eh, no worries. Maybe these Scarlet Crusade or Argent Dawn fellers will have a few pints waiting for me.

So here I am. Lights Hope Chapel. Yeap...last bastion of the light or something like that. No beer though. Guess I'll head out. Oh but hey, theres that loudmouth druid Nemain. Wants me to go kill some undead or something of that nature. Ofcourse I agree to help out the lad (and the fact he promised me a nice cold pint for every scourge I killed didn't have anything to do with it I'm sure). mmmm beer...

Tanaris ain't exactly my cup o' stout either. I mean I'm all for some heat, but a desert? pffffft. But on this particular day it was mighty overcast and an erie cool krept o'er the sand. I wasn't complaining though. Cold weather does alot more for a hangover than the blister'n hot sun beat'n down on yer nogg'n. Apparently every other sorry bastard in Azeroth decided today was a fine day for killing undead too. As soon as one of those rotting bastards appeared it was dead....or dead again? Regardless it stopped movin'. I couldn't get a claim on a single one of em! Finally I cleared my head, pulled out me ole trusty, and started charging at everything that moved (errr...that wasn't supposed to be....grr undead get confusin'...).

All in all I cleaved about 30 of those things skulls in twain. By the time the dust cleared I had sweet visions of 30 frothin' cold mugs, stacked so high, just begg'n to be drunk. You best pay up Nemain...don'cha be gett'n between a dwarf and his beer.

The Lich King's Minions

Waking from restless sleep, I sensed something was wrong. Throwing on my clothes and picking up my mace I left the Deepwater Inn, my home away from home. Grabbing my mail from the post, I glanced at the summons for aid from the Argent Dawn. With the feel of great evil still hanging over me, I took the gryphon to Light Hope Chapel. As I arrived I met up with a good friend and champion, Demonmonky, a warrior of Genesis. (after bribing him with a large amount of beer) We walked around talking to the inhabitants of the Chapel and found that these servant of light had many tasks they needed to have accomplished. Taking some of these task we head off to the Desert of Tanaris where we met up with Induron the Gnome.

In Tanaris, I discovered what I had sensed earlier in the day. The sky of Tanaris which is usually bright with the sun, was covered in a great darkness, as if the sun had died. Following our stalwart group to middle of the desert, I found 3 summoning crystals. The battle which ensued was long and well fought. We destroyed all the crystals and even manage to kill a Shadow of Doom. At this point 5 of the 10 Genesis members decided to fulfill one of the needs of the Argent Dawn. Demonmonky, Inurion, Ainimarthm, Brees and myself ventured in to the plant infested din of Dire Maul.

After about 2 hours of ravaging the place we emerged victorious, with a lot of booty and as well as some nice items. Brees opened a portal to the great Dwarfen home of Ironforge and stepping through I found myself close to my choosen home. My body was telling me it was time for me to make my way back to the inn, but I had one more trip to make before that could happen. I travelled to back to the Chapel. I talked to one of Argent Dawn's agents and gave him 30 savage fronds, I recieved my first Insignia of the Dawn. I also told one of the Scarlet Crusade about my fight with the shadow of Doom.

After all this I headed back to the inn for a well deserved rest.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Today has been a dark day in Azeroth. The Lich King, Kel'Thuzad, has sent forth his undead minions to invade the lands of the Alliance as well as the Horde. As I set forth this morning, I noticed a dense fog had fallen over the human city of Stormwind, where I currently have my residence. As I moved through the murk, I was hailed by emissaries of the Argent Dawn, a group of humans I have dealt with in the past who have been at the forefront of the fight against the Scourge.

Argent Dawn Emissaries

They informed me that an invasion of undead forces had taken place all across the world of Azeroth, targeting lands friendly and hostile to the Alliance as well as those that are still contested. The Lich King, from his base in Naxxramus above Stratholme, had used his powers to raise large ziggurats outside the major cities of the world as well as in some of the more remote and lightly defended areas. The ziggurats were spawning undead in wave after wave upon the surrounding areas and everyone was needed to come to aid the defense. Startled by this news, I hastened to the gates of Stormwind, where my breath was taken away by the fearsome awe of the sight which awaited me.

Stormwind Ziggurat

At the urging of the emissaries, I took flight to their base at the Light's Hope Chapel, in what is known as the Eastern Plaguelands. From the ground, it was hard to fully appreciate the size of the ziggurat outside the gates, but as my griffon flew by it, the peril of the situation had me worrying for the safety of my friends and aquaintances spread across Azeroth. As my griffon approached Ironforge, I was able to see one of the ziggurats much more clearly. However, I was still unable to fathom how they ziggurats functioned, and marveled at the arcane forces which must power them.

Ironforge Ziggurat

When I arrived at Light's Hope Chapel, I was amazed by the growth of what had previously been a minor outpost on the edge of nothingness. There were now representatives of all the races, and of the Scarlet Crusade as well. I did not feel much comfort in that knowledge. However, the great number of heroes both Alliance and Horde actively working to assist the efforts did much to assuage my worries.

Light's Hope Chapel

There seemed to be three major facets of facing the undead thread. The first was gathering materials to outfit the forces which would be participating in the onslaught of Kel'Thuzad's fortress. The second was the destruction of the invading undead forces around the world. The third was the assault on Naxxramus itself. Only the most well-trained and prepared groups would be able to make any headway there.

Naxxramus above Stratholme

Closer to Naxxramus

Because my arrival was ahead of many of my compatriots in Genesis, I decide to first put my hand to the task of collecting the items required for the success of the fight against the Scourge. In this effort, I was accompanied by a well-practiced mage, Brees. However, the great influx of other members of our guild led us to set aside this task in favor of working toward the destruction of the ziggurats around the world.

Ziggurat and Crystal

Before, I mentioned that I was puzzled by the mechanics of the ziggurats. Not being knowledgable of magical things, I still don't know how they work. But I do know how to stop them. Each ziggurat spawns a crystal on the ground which spawns large numbers of undead. By killing those spawns and collecting a rune that they drop, over time you are able to weaken the crystal. Then when some of Kel'Thuzad's minons appear to strengthen the crystal, you use some of those runes to interrupt their channeling, causing some sort of feed back which destroys their body, leaving only a shadow, which you then kill, and in doing so, damaging the crystal. By destroying the crystals in this way, we are able to stem the tide of the invasion. For a while at least.

Joining several of my guildmates, we journeyed to Tanaris, one of the more distant sites of the invasion, and found the battle at the crystals of the ziggurats there to be well underway.

Crystal in Tanaris

Crystal in Tanaris, 2

After silencing the ziggurat in Tanaris, we went our separate ways, many continuing in the effort to defeat the Scourge Invasion. I returned to Light's Hope Chapel to report our success and to rest from a long day's battle, knowing that the fight against the Scourge has just begun. I've seen much today that shows the great power of the Lich King. And I eagerly await the day on which I and my companions will be ready to face him down.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hello folks,

My name is Induron. I am a gnome. Or should I say, The Gnome. Of Doom. You may have heard of me. No? Well, that's what this journal is for. To introduce the world to The Gnome of Doom and his friends.

First, some background. I was born after the exodus from Gnomeregan in the great Dwarven city of Ironforge, in Dun Morogh. With the advent of the Scourge Invasion of Azeroth and the breaking of alliance of the Humans and Orcs, I decided it was my time to join in the fight for the safety of Azeroth. Being rather untalented in the magical arts, I decided to learn the arts of war. And what can I say? I've taken to combat like a Tauren takes to grass.

When I was first starting out, I had some great adventures. While questing in Loch Modan, while being chased by some Orcs (I had just killed their leader), I was knocked over the edge of the Great Dam. Knowing I was safe there, I took some time to admire the view. And in conversation with other adventurers in the region, I decided I would have to jump.

Jumping off the dam

As you can see, it was quite a ways down. After that incident, I continued with my questing and slaying of monsters. Many times I have feared for my life. Other times I have bathed in the blood of my enemies. But it was often a very lonely journey.

Lonely gnome

Lonely gnome, 2

Lonely gnome, 3

However, in the course of my adventures, I fell into the company of many who shared my noble purpose of protecting Azeroth and it's citizens and ridding the world of the greatest evils. This group of stalwart heroes is known to the world of Azeroth as Genesis. My time with them has been great, and together we have quested and slayed the enemies of Azeroth. Though many of them are not gnomes, and often ridicule this greatest of the races, I hold them all in the highest regard.


Genesis began as a small, tightly knit group, but over time, as news of our exploits has spread, our company has grown, allowing us to face greater challenges, and more of the enemies of Azeroth. Many foolish monsters have fallen to the sharp-edged blade that is Genesis.

The dragon, Onyxia, who had extended her talons into the human city of Stormwind, was one of the first to fall.


Dead Onyxia

Even those who believed themselves to be gods (and convinced the weakminded trolls that it was true) have died beneath the combined might of the warriors, mages, priests, hunters, paladins, rogues, druids, and warlocks of Genesis. Hidden deep within the ruins of Zul'Gurub, protected by priests and priestesses and his worshippers was that monster, Hakkar.


Our current mission is the destruction of the elemental Firelord, Ragnaros, deep within the Molten Core inside Blackrock Mountain. One by one, his minions have fallen, each the first time they have met the full might of Genesis.


Dead Magmadar

These were the first to die to us. Since then we have killed Gehennas, Baron Geddon, Shazzarah, and Garr. And then, in the past two days, we have laid waste to the Molten Core, killing not only those six monsters, but also killing Sulfuron Harbinger, Golemagg, and Majordomo Executus, the gatekeeper to Ragnaros himself.


Majordomo Executus

Having accomplished this great feat of arms and magic, we proceeded to greet Ragnaros. And while we were not prepared for battle with him, we did attempt to match our strength against his.

Surprise Ragnaros!

And he was not the only one surprised at our success.

That is all for now my friends. I will continue to update you with my exploits as well as that of Genesis as a whole. And if any of my compatriots so desire it, I will be more than happy to tell their stories here as well.